What is the best networking solution ever? Masterminds! How’s that going for you?

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Napolean Hill’s, “Think and Grow Rich” is finally in my rear view mirror! I’ve been wanting to read that for years and just recently I found an audio copy of it and banged it out in two weeks of driving. The principles are sound and reflect a lot of other successful and famous people analyses that usually derive from someone having ultimate desire, thinking it WILL happen, and then the universe puts together circumstances to make it so. It seems like magic, but a lot of philosophers have told us time and again that we become what we think and that the laws of attraction will bring to us what we think about the most and what we truly believe and have undying faith in. So, Masterminds. I wrote a post on this a year ago, and it’s getting more response in the past week than it has all year… I wonder if it’s because I have a burning need to be in one and I’ve been thinking and growing rich during this time… interesting.

This post is simply a call to arms – anyone that would like to invite me into theirs, or join one with me, let’s get this off the ground. I want movement!

If you’re interested and will put in your share of the work, simply email James@HumanPerformanceTools.com and let’s get rolling!


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