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What is DevonWay’s 6-step plan for performance improvement in 2014?

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DevonWayHello all – I received an awesome email from my friends at DevonWay and wanted to share it with this site’s audience. I obtained permission from the author and here it is – they are not currently an affiliate with this site, but I really appreciate their message and mission. In my words: DevonWay is a company that creates software solutions for Performance Improvement groups. Everyone I know in the nuclear industry that uses their software is happy with its performance. The more items you use in their suite, the more the platform helps the products work with each other, and it becomes even more impactful.

Happy New Year from all of us at DevonWay!

As 2014 begins, we find ourselves reflecting on our role in an   industry facing new challenges and opportunities. Recent thinking, such as   the Cumulative Impacts initiative, requires methods of supplying meaningful   change without overhauling systems of record. We have demonstrated that we’re   uniquely qualified to deliver that change, because we’ve built our company   doing just that — helping our customers make complex business processes   easier to manage while exposing previously hidden data to an actionable analytics   engine that business users can use.

Your goal has always been the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of your enterprise. 2014 is the year to make sure you’re set up to continue doing so well into the future, and our six-step plan is here to help you get there.

#1   Make Continuous Improvement more a part of your culture. You realize that quality isn’t something you check off then you’re done with. The single most important thing you can do is make every employee an active participant in a culture that encourages safety and quality improvement. Our Continuous Improvement Management suite, with its easy-to-use interface, is your fastest path to doing that and therefore addressing cumulative impacts. Start with the pieces that solve your biggest pain points, then layer in additional parts until the engine is firing on all cylinders. Incremental process improvements lead to permanent efficiencies and improved quality that add up to significant annual cost savings.

#2 Simplify your core business processes. Your teams have identified areas for improvement — use our intelligent business process tools to create new efficiences across your enterprise. Implementing our worker feedback module, for example, is a simple way to track how feedback is improving routine tasks and to communicate the impact of that feedback back to the workforce. Read more here.

#3 Let machines deal with complex or mundane tasks. The operating staff shouldn’t have to sit at a terminal to become aware of items they need to act on. Our analytics tools pore over rivers of enterprise data and notify responsible individuals when thresholds you define are crossed.

#4 Communicate your findings and collaborate with industry peers. Join a Continuous Improvement Working Group and identify a leader at your facility to serve on our Continuous Improvement Leadership Council. Share your point of view as we shape the industry response to cumulative impacts with proven best new practices.

#5 Sign Up for our Webinar Series on Simplification. In 2014 we’ll host a stream of webinars dedicated to showing you the powerful ways in which top performing organizations are using technology to rein in complexity — as well as give you sneak previews of what we’re working on in R&D.

#6 Save the Date and Participate at Ci7. We have scheduled the 7th Continuous Improvement Conference for February 9-12, 2015 in San Diego. Working groups will present new benchmarks and suppliers will present innovative new ways of lowering operating costs.

Be part of the team in 2014 that is dedicated to meeting its challenges head on by changing the way the industry works. To learn more please contact us.