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Can I get some tips on behavior coaching from your HU Library?

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Coaching is not about reinforcing a desired behavior – Coaching is what someone says to someone else to guide then into correcting an undesired behavior. It has been well-stated that having to teach players (or workers) to unlearn bad behaviors is one of the hardest thing a sports team coach (or Supervisor) has to go through. If you are reading this blog for the first time, month’s back I wrote an article called, “Should engagement and intrinsic motivation matter to me?” – this article really adds to this content – please check it out.

Lessons from my HU library

Excerpted from Ken Blanchard’s, “The One-Minute Manager”:

“…I never attack a person’s worth or value as a person… they don’t feel they have to defend themselves. I reprimand the behavior only. Thus, my feedback and their own reaction to it is about the spefic behavior and not their feelings about themselves as human beings.”

Exerpted from Ken Blanchard’s, “The Heart of a Leader”:

“Tell the person involved exactly what he or she did wrong and how it impacted the team and the organization…next, share with the person how you feel about it… pause for a moment to let your remarks sink in, and then reaffirm your confidence in the individual.”

Excerpted from Aubrey Daniels’, “Bringing Out the Best in People”:

“People do what they do because of what happens to them when they do it… behavioral consequences are those things and events that follow a behavior and change the probability that the behavior will be repeated in the future… Consequences change the rate or frequency of the behavior.”

Excerpted from Richard Templar’s, “The Rules of Work”:

“It is never the person, it is their behavior. You never ever get personal. You can criticize:

  • The way they do their job
  • Their time keeping; their attitude
  • Their motivation
  • Their communication skills
  • Their long-term goals
  • Their focus
  • Their knowledge of office procedures
  • Their appreciation of company policy
  • Their inter-personal skills
  • Their productivity output

But you can never say they are lazy, ignorant, good for nothing…. they may need training, relocating, reeducating, redirecting, remotivating, but never being told exactly what you really, really think of them.”

Excerpted from Ferdinand Fournies’, “Coaching for Improved Work Performance”:

“Steps for coaching Technique:

  1. Get his or her agreement that a problem exists
  2. Mutually discuss alternative solutions
  3. Mutually agree on action to be taken to solve the problem
  4. Follow up to measure results
  5. Recognize any achievement when it occurs

…You must accurately identify what behavior change you desire…If the results you are obtaining from your subordinates now are not satisfactory, you have to define what the subordinate must do differently so the desired result will occur.”

Excerpted from Lou Tice’s, “Personal Coaching for Results”:

” Great coaches and mentors are so unshakeably convinced that we have great things in us-their vision of what is possible for us is so clear and powerful-they wind up convincing us, too.”

I know some of you out there are bibliophiles, as well, and if you have some coaching quotes from your books, I’m sure readers would really be interested in seeing them in the comments! Thanks!

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