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Podcast Episode 5: Affective speech on “Coaching” by Kevin Lee

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Podcast Cover ArtI’ve been talking about this with all of my industry buddies, and I’m very proud to be able to present to you the wonderful and passionate speech Kevin gave us at the INPO Human Performance Conference this past September in Baltimore, Maryland. When you hear me talk about “Affective” learning, understand that I feel this speech is a great example of “Affective” teaching.

I do want to apologize – I am on a learning curve when it comes to recording podcasts, and I recently learned that iPhones, no matter how amazing they are, have an EMF field around them that randomly infiltrates the recording process, and no matter what, you cannot undo the effects post-recording. I learned this the very hard way, and have even re-recorded sessions because of it. Sessions that will be posted soon. I have been toiling away in the edit room (aka my kitchen table after the kiddos go to sleep) to bring you more podcasts. In the middle of Kevin’s speech, there was an uncontrollable buzz that lasts only for a few seconds, but I did not want to cut out the whole section because of its value.

The total speech was edited down a little because of an evacuation alarm that sounded during Kevin’s opening joke, where our entire conference hall cleared and went outside. I was really proud of our nuclear mindset that day – many other people stayed behind and did not evacuate, but we played it safe, even though we knew they were supposed to be testing the alarms at some point, but gave no direct warning.

In case you were wondering, I did get Kevin’s permission to post this here for our colleagues who wanted to use this as a reminder, or for anyone not fortunate enough to see him in person. If you would like to contact Kevin, just send an email to and your email will be forwarded along to Kevin.