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Should I create a Mastermind group to help me with my role in Human Performance?

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brains_collective_gears_17247First of all, what is a Mastermind Group? How do I create one, and what is involved? Do I need one?

Note that this isn’t just a group of friends or business acquaintances, and my most favorite point on the subject: this is put together with intention. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich describes a mastermind group as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

I define it a little simpler as a group of two or more that share common goals. The best advice I think I’ve ever come up with for newbies to any role is to find people in other organizations that do what you do and form a community to help each other and identify common issues and common solutions that really work.

I need a Mastermind (seriously) 

I’m in a very niche field as a human performance “Practitioner” and am now consulting and training either by myself, or with a small crew. I need a team to support me and help me with things I’ve never had to do before. I have an amazing friend who is more of a human performance “Academic” (and an amazing instructor), who told me that running a consulting company is about three things, and you need to be doing all three parts well:

  1. Doing the business
  2. Running the business
  3. Getting the business.

This piece of advice made everything come together for me, and I’m working hard on learning how to better Run and Get business, because I’ve already had plenty of familiarity with “Doing” the business. When you’re in a new work or life-style environment, it is helpful to have others to experience share with, and mentors who have already walked down that road who are willing to transfer knowledge and some fellowship. It’s also great to have other people keep you accountable and moving forward.

So, I’d say a resounding and obvious, “Yes,” to the answer to this post’s question in the title.

Would you like to be part of my Mastermind?

Really, I am asking you. This isn’t tongue in cheek. If you’ve come to this website and you’re interested in this kind of material, then we are probably of like minds. We can share skill-sets and make each other better. If seriously interested, please drop me an email at with the memo line “Mastermind” and I’ll get back with you very soon!

How to organize and get started:

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