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Podcast Episode 6: Error prevention at a Connecticut Hair Salon (Interview)

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Podcast Cover ArtNestled in Norwich, Connecticut, you can find a hair salon/studio called, “Details.” A few months ago the owner sat down with me to talk about how our two industries relate when it comes to error-prevention.

Heidi Duff is someone who completely understands her “calling.” Even after 26 plus years in the business, she approaches her daily work with high energy, enthusiasm, and a constant desire to be one of the best in her field. I totally respect that type of attitude, and feel even more energized with every conversation I have with her. On this podcast, we share a candid conversation about what it’s like being the salon owner, and what are some common human error that needs to be avoided in this billion-dollar and VERY personal industry. We talk how important it is to the reputation of each salon and how through timely feedback, employee meetings and training, her staff not only become top-notch, but stay that way, too. I love their slogan: “Inspire. Design. Evolve.”

This was such a fun interview, and not just because home-made shepherd’s pie was involved! Anyone that has ever met Heidi knows that she has something to say AND it’s worth listening to – I was able to learn the most important step in the salon service process – the consultation with the client.

Common error avoidance, having a good community reputation, worker feedback, training, pre-job briefs…. Get ready to learn how this all relates to Human Performance Tool usage…