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What’s the coolest device you’ve ever used in a classroom? Snap Circuit Junior (SC-100)!

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young_man_hold_sign_17158Back in the early 2000s, a Human Performance colleague of mine told me that he had heard about someone using these devices in a nuclear training classroom environment, but not exactly how they were being put to use. I was an Instrument Technician at the time and was asked to put together a Procedure Use and Adherence Human Performance course for the Radiation Protection department at the nuclear power plant where I was in-house since 1992. I had them order 20 of them and put together “nuclear” procedures for building circuits. This gave me a procedure and a device with components and specific locations, and if performed improperly, would result in a non-working circuit. This started the next wave of thinking when it came to using these in a professional classroom.

The brilliant minds behind this toy/training aid come from “Elenco,” an amalgamation of ELectronic ENgineering COmpany. You can find these devices straight from their site here for $34.95, or you can buy them through this site as an affiliate for $21 each delivered anywhere in the continental US, no matter how many you purchase!!!! I have been working with one of their lead salesmen for years now, and I am very proud to offer these training aids through this site and at this unbeatable price. If you’d like to order for outside the continental US, it may cost a little more per unit.

Ask any trainer about their reaction who has used one of these in the classroom to engage workers through Procedure Use and Adherence, Observation Training, or custom classes like one I won a best practice award from the Association for Talent Development called “Managing Known Distractions.” People always ask me where to get these and then tell me stories about how they loved it in class and went straight out to Toys R Us to pick one up for between 29.99 US dollars. These devices make for the perfect portable risk-based training work for any dynamic learning activity human performance message you want to deliver to your workforce or leadership team. (They’re great for kids, too)

Email to set up an order. We are only selling the SC-100 unit at this time, as this is what is used in the classroom environment. We can take any major credit card for a 3% fee on the total bill through Square, or can take payments through PayPal. No hidden fees. When you send me an email, I will call you as soon as possible and we can start the order.