Where can I find professional certifications as an HU Practitioner?

If you are a human performance practitioner looking for training and certifications that may make you more marketable when seeking a position in this field, or to give more substance to your current qualifications, here is a short list to start with:

cpt-10yr-200pxInternational Society for Performance Improvement

Offers CPT certification

Certified Performance Technologist



American Society for Training and Development

Certified Professional in Learning and Performance


American Society for Training and Development

Human Performance Improvement


cert-logo-2-12Practicing Perfection Institute

Practicing Perfection Certificate (Levels 1 & 2)



We would be very interested to hear of other human performance certifications you know of or have participated in and would be willing to leave a reply .  If you would please include the title of the certification and the link to any pertinent details.  Also, if you have been part of the above certifications was your experience worth the time, money and effort?  Within this same realm, we will be discussing professional courses, and college degrees in future posts.  If you have any questions or comments regarding Human Performance Education opportunities, please contact us.

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