(7/26/16): Wow, it’s been a long time since this has been updated – I have a lot of great interview material waiting to be put into a final format, but limited time and resources, so it hasn’t happened. Sincere apologies to anyone who has listened and has asked for more audio content. More will come! Still working out the details, but by the end of this summer I hope to be back on track with the podcast and increasing the frequency of episodes. I have been deriving a theme from each of the interviews that is truly worthy of sharing. Maybe even enough content to put a book together. Who knows what the future will bring, but I sure love meeting and interviewing people with interesting jobs and finding out how they prevent errors every day. Feel free to write me and let me know if you’re interested in being interviewed. Thanks!

(5/28/14): I know I’ve been teasing with Daniel Pink, but I have three other episodes almost ready to go live: An interview with an elderly blind woman, an interview with a visiting nurse, and a recording from an ASSE event I attended in December with Travis Hoops, a member of OPPD’s training staff from Omaha, Nebraska. All awesome content, as it’s taking me a while to compile and edit Daniel Pink’s info, and I have a nuclear power plant operator that used to be an Instrument and Controls Technician to edit, as well. Plenty of new stuff coming, and coming soon. Thank you for your Podcast interest and patience! Just wanted to say hello to my youngest listener (only 11 years old) in Kansas – Hi Dan! Great talking to you the other day – thank you so much for your interest!

(4/20/14): Finally had enough time to assemble and put out Episode 6!!! Thanks to everyone who has been asking for more podcasts! Heidi, thank you so much for your patience! This makes me happy and motivated to crank more out, including clips from Daniel Pink!!! Yes, THE Daniel Pink!! More coming soon!

(2/16/14): The team has been working on building e-books, and other marketing strategies for launch in May, which has been shifting focus away from the podcast. I love working on the podcast, but there are only so many free hours in a week. I have a couple of interviews set up, and I’m working at getting the content into iTunes as soon as I can edit the interviews.

The HU Tools Team is looking to add members who can help facilitate the mission of this website and podcast. If you’re interested in joining, please contact us at

(1/19/14): I was interviewed by my Podcasting mentor, Dave Jackson, at the New Media Expo in Vegas –

Past updates:

(1/10/14): This Monday I returned from BlogWorld/New Media Expo in Vegas! I had a blast meeting new friends, and learning what works with blogs and podcasting. I hope to implement some changes in 2014 that the members and the visitors will enjoy. The first change is going to be consistently publishing more content. The podcasts are waiting to be published, so I have to find time to edit and put them up very soon. Having a full-time job and two little kids keeps me pretty busy. I am planning to finish at least 2 in January and 3 or 4 in February. There are a lot of things happening in 2014 HU, and I will do my best to let you know what is going on. I am finally finding other HU bloggers and consultants and collaborating on blog posts and Q&As.  Some of HU 2.0 will take a back seat this year and I will be happy to introduce the next generation of HU thinking “3.0: Simplification.” Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have an amazing year ahead!

(11/29/13): Thank you so much for the wonderful emails requesting more podcasts – that really inspires me to find time in a pretty full schedule. I have been recording interviews and presentations and trying to find the time to edit new episodes together. Episode 5 is almost done and will contain Kevin Lee’s affective presentation on coaching from the INPO Human Performance conference this past September in Baltimore. I can’t wait to share it – he’s awesome!

The HU Tools Team is still looking for more help – if you would like to help edit the podcasts, or send an article into the blog for publication, just contact James Newman at for details. Lots of people have been signing up for the blog and the world-wide HU Tools Team is growing – thank you for stopping by and your interest in performance improvement!

(08/11/13): As you may know, the PODCAST launched on August 10 at 10am CST!

First and foremost

If you are reading this, I truly appreciate your interest – thank you. I have been working with some Human Performance Tool Team members to put a podcast together that is interesting, engaging, and informative. The launch was delayed because of some excellent advice and feedback from Dave Jackson, our Podcast Coach (there will be an affiliate link to his site appearing soon on this one if you are interested in podcasting). As you can assume editing takes a while, and being a busy father of two, figuring out how to re-mix the content I previously had, and edit down all of the new incoming content is taking me some time to catch up. The plan is to launch in August with 3 episodes with a new one coming every Sunday night following for the foreseeable future.

So, what have we been doing?

Interviews have been happening, graphics are being designed, content hosting choices sorted out, learning what makes great content, learning how to mix and edit the audio levels, designing theme music and transitions, and setting up more interviews. The show content will include interviews, because it really is fun to learn and have interesting conversations with people from very different backgrounds and professions sharing how they prevent events and/or recover from errors. As you can imagine, this process is completely new to the Team, but once it is sorted out, we will have a template to make future episodes.

How can you help?

Send an email to us at indicating that you would like to participate in an interview for the podcast, contribute a Human Performance-related blogpost, or team up to create training products. Help us think bigger… please send your suggestions, feedback, or general comments. We love to hear from you.

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