Human Performance Film Festival

This conceptual training won an Excellence Award from the Kansas City chapter of the Association of Talent Development and had phenomenal results at a nuclear power facility with over 1000 incoming contractors prior to a refueling outage.

Original videos are organized and created by the workforce to be used in a film-festival dynamic learning activity with the intent of showing personnel human performance error prevention tools and how to use them. The video content had to meet specific criteria, including which tool they were showing, length, and why their department values that particular tool.

Students walk into a movie theater environment with chairs placed with one major aisle down the middle with floor and chair labels to match the ticket number that students get on the way in.  They are greeted by a small red carpet and a leather rope with stanchions to be allowed into the theater – they get their name added to the attendance list on a clipboard and they receive their ballot and seat ticket (which they need to get peer checked).  The smell of popcorn permeates the air, as attendants are waiting for students to follow the ballot steps and order popcorn using three-way communication as directed in the ballot.  The training leads off with an introduction video followed by a safety video reminding to not drive while talking on a phone, and to not walk and text. Employees are excited to participate in making these videos from the concepts to the acting to the editing; the process is engaging and fun for the workers, as they are reminded how important eror-prevention tools are in the work place.  Each video is designed to show common situations workers may find themselves in and how to use the pertinent HP tool to be succesful.

Students participate using HP tools within the training activity, which could include:

Self-checking your name on the attendance sheet as you collect your seat ticket, Peer-checking someone else is in the correct seat, and getting a peer check to ensure you are in the correct seat, using Three-part Communication to order popcorn, participating in a Pre-Job Brief prior to grading the videos, and even Place-keeping the videos in the Ballot/Program as they are viewed.

The training is very inclusive and engaging on a large scale. Greater than 95% of students who have participated in this training environment indicated with comments that they prefer this type of training and that it helped them understand human performance error-prevention tools better. This training has affective elements that are typically missing from training. The videos and the instruction offer why using error-reduction tools should be valued by the students, and not just by telling them, but by showing them.

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