Managing Distractions

Target Audience: All members of your organization

Description: This Best Practice award-winning Dynamic Learning Activity (DLA) is aimed at increasing awareness of distractions that cannot be avoided and how to be successful while addressing them. In the first part of the DLA Presentation students learn about attention, distraction, and focus. Students then perform an exercise that helps them discover their personal effectiveness by not multitasking. Students then practice working a simulated risk-based task, while undergoing time-pressure, and having mental and visual distractions applied. The training environment is designed to increase the need for situational awareness and measures how effectively students respond to it. Students will achieve greater appreciation for working with a peer, as the exams and the exercises are designed to perform as a team. Students also learn that working in Knowledge-Based mode is uncomfortable and increases your chances for making errors, while working in Rule-Based mode is much more comfortable – even when you are newly familiar with a task and less prone to error. The activities students perform are the methods employed to ensure student comprehension.

Duration: Half day

Cost: $xxx per seat

Min/Max: Minimum of 10 students up to 24

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